Global and Community Engagements

Volunteering and Community Responsibilities Department

Teaching computer packages to needy community – KIBRA DC’S OFFICE – Nairobi County

The Kibra (former Kibera) District Commissioner’s office was identified as one of the local administrative office, with computers but having staff that are not well trained in computer packages. Three (3) members of the team trained clerks from the Kibera DC’s office, Chief’s offices in the DC’s compound and offices of Chiefs in the neighbourhood in using different computer packages to ease their office work. The training was from 13 th to 17 th May, 2013


  • Sam Njuki - Teaching computer packages
  • Grace Gatere - Teaching computer packages
  • Gladys Kingori - Teaching computer packages
  • Prof. Dorcas Yole – 3 rd day visit to survey the situation and ensure the Lecturers had settled in work. Final Day, to review the impact to the training
  • Juma O. Gagesho – Photo and Video coverage

The Team leader, Sam Njuki, had met the DC Kibra, before the meeting. The DC was happy with the proposal, and provided both a room for training and computers. He also invited clerks from his office, and neighbouring Chief’s offices.

Six clerks participated in the training: Kibra DC’s office -2; Chief’s Office in the same compound with DC’s office – 1; Kibra Gatwekera Chief’s office – 2 and Langata Chief’s office – 1. Among the participants, it was only the Kibra DC’s office two clerks, who had some good level of understanding in computer. Most of the others had to be taught from the basics, e.g. using a mouse.

The Team covered the following areas:

  • Introduction to computer
  • Microsoft Word & Mail Merging
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power Point

It was hands-on training; immediately the participants were taught an aspect, they practiced on the computers.

When Prof. Yole visited on Wednesday, the participants told her they were very happy for the training. What they had been taught was very practical and relevant to their work. However, there were constrains in their offices. In Kibra DC’s office, although there were computers, the clerks did not have access to them as they were in offices. At Langata, there was a computer, but not a printer while in Gatwekera, there was neither a computer nor a printer. The participants requested for their offices to be assisted with computers and printers.

During the Wednesday visit, the DC was out on official duty, but Prof. Yole met with the DO. The DO was very happy for the programme and was shocked it was being offered for free. He requested for more training covering clerks in the entire Nairobi area, which he said was very needy. In addition he wanted Chiefs to be trained. Certificates are being prepared for the participants.

Teaching a software for time tabling to a needy Secondary school – RUTHIMITU GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL – Nairobi County

Ruthimitu Girls Secondary School was identified as a needy school whose staff could be trained on timetabling using a computer software. The Staff were trained for a week (13 th - 17 th May 2013) by one of the Team members, Mr. Dickson Wambaa. (On the Wednesdah 17 th May, he was joined by the Team from Kibera DC’s office and Director, COP, to give the girls and staff a talk on Demystifying Science, Careers and Courses offered in TUK).


  • Dickson G. Wambaa – Train the Teachers for 5 days on how to use software for timetabling
  • Prof. Dorcas Yole – Third day, to check on progress of the training. Final Day, review the impact to the training
  • Juma O. Kagesho - Photo and Video coverage on final day

The Principal, Ruthimitu Girls, was very happy for the offer to her staff in using computer software to prepare timetable. She nominated 4 Teachers, whose responsibility had been preparing timetable for the school. These were:

  • Alice Mujukane Gunyali
  • Betty Karimi Kiruja
  • Grace Jerob Sambu
  • Christine Mwende Minyuki

Mr. Wambaa worked with the four Teachers from Monday. By the Wednesday visit, they were making good progress. When Prof. Dorcas Yole went to visit on Friday, she found them busy working on their School Time-table. It was interesting to watch how they tackled any challenge. They would first discuss and argue among themselves, without involving Mr. Wambaa. They would only call him if they were completely stuck. This was evidence that they had understood what they had been taught. They are currently using the software in preparation of their School Timetable.