Global and Community Engagements

Maranda Boys High School, Siaya County - Friday 10 th July 2013


  • DVC – NPL, Prof. Suki Mwendwa – VC’s message, Science in Innovation & Technology
  • Benter Onyango - Biology presentation & related TUK courses
  • Mwanza Kimei - Chemistry presentation & related TUK courses
  • Esther Njue - Mathematics presentation & related TUK courses
  • Sam Njuki - Physics, ICT and Engineering & related TUK courses
  • Joyce Asuke - Other courses (not sciences per se) offered in TUK
  • Juma O. Kagesho - Photo &Video coverage
  • Prof. Dorcas Yole (AC0362, Director, COP) - Introductory speech, Word from VC, academic counsel as per perceived need of the students
  • Juma & Gathogo – Drivers

Maranda Boys is in Bondo, in Siaya county. It has about 1,800 boys. Maranda was selected in 2011 – 2012 financial year because it was the top school in 2011, with a mean grade of B+. The COP Team was honoured to be accompanied by DVC-TLS on this trip. All the Team members spent Thursday night at Bondo, except DVC-TLS who had duties to attend to on Thursday.

On Friday morning, part of the team left earlier to set up equipment etc in the school. They were amazed by the silence in the compound although there were so many boys around. The Principal,

Mr. Boaz Owino received the Team very well in his office. He gave them information about the school, students and staff. The Team then started setting up for the presentation. It was at this time, that it made sense why the Principal had requested for an amplifier, a projector screen and a laptop. The boys were so many they could not fit in a hall. They brought chairs and sat in a middle court with many indigenous shade trees. Although they had a public address system, they did not have a projector screen. It was good TUK had bought them a large screen. The team tied the screen on the trees. The boys assisted by climbing up and fixing it on high branches with ropes and sisal. Twice during the presentation, the wind almost brought the screen down but it was secured further. Although there was quite some light because the presentation was outdoors, the boys could still follow the presentations on the screen. The Team had found that in the schools where presentations are projected, the students are more attentive, as they are curious to see the next picture on the screen (the presentations have fascinating pictures!).

It had been agreed that the School would not be informed that the DVC-NPL was attending the function, as this would distracted the attention from the ‘Demystifying Science’ presentation. They only learnt of her presence during introduction! After the introduction, the DVC-NPL, Professor Suki Mwendwa gave the VC’s message. The VC congratulated the school for their excellent performance. He was happy to be associated with a school which had produced scholars and eminent personalities. The DVC-NPL congratulated the school for its sterling performance. She challenged the students to embrace other disciplines, so that they could be well-rounded. Hands-on knowledge, like what TUK offered, was vital in human resource development, as it created skilled manpower. This would lead to enhanced industrial productivity and improved quality of life.

The Lecturers gave their presentation on “Demystifying Science”. Benter Onyango - Biology presentation & related TUK courses; Mwanza Kimei - Chemistry presentation & related TUK courses; Esther Njue - Mathematics presentation & related TUK courses; Sam Njuki - Physics, ICT and Engineering & related TUK courses and Joyce Asuke - Other courses offered in TUK. The presentations were received well. Gakesho (media) challenged the students to pursue their dreams. Lucy (Editor) told the students about her work. Students were given an opportunity to ask questions. Since they were many, they were requested to write down questions. The students asked many questions on careers, subjects, studying methods etc. The entire Team and the DVC responded to the questions. Prof. Dorcas Yole built her address on a question the students had asked. They wanted to know if they should take a break in between reading. She explained to them that for their brains to function properly, they needed oxygen. Since the brain blood vessels were tiny, exercising would cause fresh oxygenated blood to flow to their brains. She also told them that they had to understand the subject matter by reading and understanding their textbooks and notes. For Physics and Mathematics, they were supposed to do many exercises. The best thing was to revise a subject on the material day it was taught, when they could “still see” the Teacher teaching. Thorough knowledge of the subject was more superior than working on questions papers, since clear understanding of the subject would help them tackle an examination question from whatever angle it was asked from.

The DVC-NPL, presented to the Principal the items they had requested for: projector, laptop, projector screen and an amplifier. She also presented them with 10 hot plates, donated by Hot point. The Staff and Students were extremely happy for the donations. She also presented to them the TUK prospectus, both in soft and hard copy, TU newsletter and letter from NPL office. The DVC told the students that the team hoped the equipment would help them in their studies, and that they would be able to achieve good grades.

The Principal, Mr Boaz Owino was very grateful to TUK. He said that this was the first time a University team had visited the school, in the manner that TUK did, although they had universities not far from the school. What had happened previously was for a visit by a VC or Principal to give a talk to the students. He was amazed by the questions the boys asked; he had never thought through many of the things they asked. To him, the question-answer time was very fruitful, both to the students and the staff. As the team had visited during the Teachers’ strike, he was so happy that the Team had engaged the students fruitfully from 10am to 1pm! The School served lunch for the Team and Staff.