Global and Community Engagements

Kamunyaka Mixed Secondary School, Nyandarua County - Friday 31 st May 2013


  • Catherine Muya – Biology and Chemistry presentation & related TUK courses
  • Dickson G. Wambaa - Mathematics, Physics, ICT and Engineering & related TUK courses
  • Grace Gatere – Other courses (not sciences per se) offered in TUK
  • Juma O. Gagesho – Photo &Video coverage
  • Prof. Dorcas Yole – Introductory speech, Word from VC, academic counsel as per perceived need of the students
  • Njuguna - Driver

Kamunyaka Mixed Secondary School is in Kinangop, in Nyandarua County. It serves students who come from the area, some who walk long distances. It has about 200 students. This school sobered the COP Team who visited. Although this area received good rainfall, and produces cabbages, carrots, potatoes and the villagers have cows for milk, there are no tarmac roads, making it difficult to transport farm produce, as the roads are impassable during the rainy season. This makes the local people poor. The school was started by Parents, as most of their children had nowhere to go after class 8. One family donated the piece of land, in honour of their late Father. Many of the students in Form 3 and 4 were in their twenties, since after completing their KCPE, there was no Secondary School to go to until Kamunyaka was built. There was no road leading to the school, so the Team had to drive through a field to get to the school – it would have been a disaster if it had rained, since the area has black cotton soil. Despite the fact that there was an electric pole at one corner of their land, they had no money to “drop” power to the school. CDF had given money to construct four nice large stone classrooms. They had just completed constructing a science laboratory using corrugated iron sheets both for the walls and for the roof. The Principal’s office was in the original structure, where they started the school. It was made of logs and mud, and the roof was very low.

Since there was no power, oral presentations were made without the help of projected power point pictures. The Lectures did their best to make the presentation interesting. Catherine Muya gave a talk on Biology and Chemistry & related TUK courses; Dickson Wambaa - Mathematics, Physics, ICT and Engineering & related TUK courses and Grace Gatere – Other courses offered in TUK. Prof. Dorcas Yole applauded the senior students for their courage to join school at a late age. Whatever they would do after Form Four would be positively impacted by their education. She encouraged all the students to take advantage of TUK programmes which gives an option joining the University at certificate or diploma level, in addition to going straight into the degree programme. She challenged the students to look beyond their current situation, and believe they can attain success.

The Principal, Mr. Kimani, was so excited that a University could send a Team to visit them. The gift of 10 hotplates was so welcome. These were the first equipment for the new laboratory. The TUK prospectus would help the students in choosing the appropriate careers. He said this was the second time in his life for a Professor to pray for him!

The School served the Team with lunch. It’s such a cold area, that it was difficult to keep tea hot!