Global and Community Engagements

Ngwata Mixed Secondary School, Makueni County - Monday 27 th May, 2013

Prof. Dorcas Yole addressing the studentsTeam:

  • Mwanza Kimei - Biology and Chemistry presentation & related TUK courses
  • Esther Njue - Mathematics, Physics, ICT and Engineering & related TUK courses
  • Joyce Asuke - Other courses (not sciences per se) offered in TUK
  • Juma O. Gagesho - Photo &Video coverage
  • Prof. Dorcas Yole - Introductory speech, Word from VC, academic counsel as per perceived need of the students
  • Njuguna - Driver

Ngwata Mixed Secondary School is in Ngwata Location, Kibwezi, Makueni county. It is a mixed school drawing children from within the area. It has about 160 students. Fifty six girls are the ones who started boarding in the current year, although a few girls still come from their homes. Kibwezi is a dry area, so the parents of the students have very low income. Money from CDF has helped the school a lot in terms of building structures. When the Team arrived at the School, students were having their lunch of maize and beans. Since they do not have a dining room, they were sitting under trees as they ate. Our key contact person, Mr. Wambua, who is the Chairman of the Board of Governors, took the Team to see the Principal of the School, Mr. Gerald Muia, who gave a warm welcome. We noticed that the Principal did not have a computer in his office. A team member, Esther Njue, was so shocked that a Principal, who has a Masters degree could operate without a computer.

The students squeezed in one class to for the presentation. Many of them stood through the entire period (over 3 hours). It was possible to do a Power Point presentation. After introduction, the Lecturers gave the ‘Demystifying Science presentation. Mwanza Kimei - Biology and Chemistry presentation & related TUK courses, Esther Njue - Mathematics, Physics, ICT and Engineering & related TUK courses and Joyce Asuke - Other courses offered in TUK. Gakesho shared with the students how he pursued his dream of taking a Diploma in Journalism, although he had to wait for while before joining TUK, to allow his parents educate his brothers and sisters. He told them to follow their passion in choosing careers as this is what would make them enjoy working later on in life. The students listened keenly. After the presentation, the students were requested to write down any questions they had. The Team addressed all the questions. The students were excited about the multi-entry, multi-exit possibility. Prof. Dorcas Yole challenged the students not to look at their lowly background but to work hard in school, as this was what would help them in the future. She challenged the girls not to run into marriage so early without a career. Their own families would need their financial support.

Prof. Dorcas Yole and Team presenting soft copy of TUK ProspectusThe School greatly appreciated the TUK prospectus both in hard and in soft copy, and the 10 hotplates to be used in their laboratories. After the presentation, the school served the COP Team with lunch around 6pm.
A gift of a computer
About a month after coming from Ngwata Mixed Secondary School, Ester Njue, COP Team member purchased a computer with her money for the Office of the Principal, Ngwata Mixed Secondary School. The BOG Chairman said that the Principal was very grateful for the computer.