Global and Community Engagements

Mbaikini Secondary School, Machakos County - Thursday 23 th May, 2013

Prof. Dorcas Yole arranging booksTeam:

  • Catherine Muya - Biology and Chemistry presentation & related TUK courses
  • Sam Njuki - Mathematics, Physics, ICT and Engineering & related TUK courses
  • Henry Muchura - Other courses (not sciences per se) offered in TUK
  • Juma O. Gagesho - Photo &Video coverage
  • Prof. Dorcas Yole - Introductory speech, Word from VC, academic counsel as per perceived need of the students
  • Njuguna- Driver

Mbaikini Secondary School is a boarding boys’ school in Wamunyu location, in Machakos county. The land where it stands on belonged to Mbaikini Primary School (started in the early 1950s), which moved to give room to the Secondary School. It serves children from the Wamunyu location and the surrounding locations. Since this is a dry area, many of the children come from poor backgrounds. Started as a Harambee Secondary School, it is still a needy school. It has about 400 boys.

The Team was served with lunch when they arrived. The Principal welcomed the Team. Just a few Teachers attended the function, including the Students’ Dean; they had not been informed in good time. The School hall was large, and the boys were so happy to be given a Power Point presentation, a first for most of them! The “Demystifying Science” presentation went on very well. Catherine gave a presentation on Biology and Chemistry presentation & related TUK courses; Njuki - Mathematics, Physics, ICT and Engineering & related TUK courses and Muchura - Other courses offered in TUK. The students were very attentive. Students wrote many questions on careers and subjects they should take for various courses in the university. The Team answered the questions. Prof. Dorcas Yole challenged the students to work hard in their studies. As men, they are supposed to be main providers in the homes, and so they had no choice, but to work hard. It was important that they pursued courses they had a passion for, not just men careers, e.g. Men make some of the best chefs in the world, and the career is well paying. She also reiterated the importance of morals, if the boys want to live long successful lives.

The Principal was presented with textbooks (these were text books ordered for Mwatate High School (2011-2012) but came late after the visit. Although Mwatate Principal had been requested to sent any of his staff who comes to Nairobi to pick the books, this never happened, despite repeated reminders. NB – Muthale Girls picked theirs the same week they were informed). He was also presented with ten hotplates, a letter from the DVC-NPL and prospectus, both in hard and soft copy. Some of the boys did not know what a CD is!

The member of Board of Governors, Rev Joash Mutua, who had been our main contact person, was very grateful for the visit. He said that the presentation was very informative, and was impressed that the Team had managed to keep the attention of the boys for more than four hours!

The Principal was very grateful for the presentations, the books and the hotplates.

Donation of Science books and Hot platesThe member of Board of Governors, who had been our contact person, gave a report on what happened during the Parents’ Day which came after the Team’s visit. The boys told the parents that this was the best thing that had ever happened to the school. The presentations were very informative, and their questions had been answered. All the Board of Governors and Parents and Teachers Association were very grateful for the books and the hot plates. The Teachers who had skipped the presentations regretted their action.

The Students’ Dean said that the Principal took about 10 of the textbooks to another needier school where he had been invited to! Since they had been given, they also wanted to participate in giving!