Global and Community Engagements

Kiandu Mixed Secondary School, Nyeri County - Tuesday 21 st May 2013

Boys taking notes during the presentationTeam:

  • Catherine Muya - Biology and Chemistry presentation & related TUK courses
  • Gladys Kingori - Mathematics, Physics, ICT and Engineering & related TUK courses
  • Henry Muchura - Other courses (not sciences per se) offered in TUK
  • Juma O. Gagesho - Photo &Video coverage
  • Prof. Dorcas Yole - Introductory speech, Word from VC, academic counsel as per perceived need of the students
  • Njuguna - Driver

Kiandu Mixed Secondary School is in North Tetu, in Nyeri County. It is a day school and most to the children come from the surrounding villages, some from quite a long distance. They walk to school.
The Principal was very happy that we had been able to visit. He invited the Team to address the Students. Prof. Yole introduced the Team members. It was possible to give a power point presentation, so the lecturers were able to give the “Demystifying Science Presentation”. Catherine talked on Biology and Chemistry and related courses. Gladys Kingori made Mathematics and Physics look so easy. She also talks on ICT and Engineering and the related courses. Muchura gave an overview of all other course offered in TUK. The boys were paid keen interest as Gakesho took video and photographs. Gakesho told them that he had trained in Journalism in TUK. He said that in order to succeed in their careers, they needed to have passion in what they were doing. The students had a time to ask questions on subjects, careers, TUK etc. However, it was hard for them to express themselves in English. They were asked to write down their questions. The Team addressed all their concerns.

Prof. Yole told the students, especially the boys, to steer away from alcohol, as this would ruin their lives. At this, the students and teachers laughed confirming that it was a problem in that area. She challenged the boys and girls to consider each other as brothers and sisters, as this would help them concentrate in their studies.

The Principal was presented with hotplates. These would be used in the Science laboratories. He was also presented a letter from DVC-NPL and the prospectus in both soft and hard copy.
The Team was served with lunch.