Global and Community Engagements

KARIMA GIRLS, KINAGOP – Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Third school visited was Karima Girls in Kinangop. It is a beautiful school, well kept, and with signs placed strategically on the paths, to challenge girls to work hard and live morally. It has about 1000 students. The school uniform is striking and blends so well with the blue tiles in front of the school. The team was composed of:

  • Prof. Dorcas Yole - Director, COP
  • Lillian Bogonko – NPL Senior Assistant Administrator
  • Dickson Wambaa – Physics and Mathematics presentation
  • Catherine Muya – Biology and Chemistry presentation
  • Sam Njuki – Computer & Engineering courses
  • Joyce Asuke – Other Courses offered in KPUC
  • Kevin Lukalo – Media coverage
  • Francisca Kinoti - Driver

The Deputy Principal of the school received the team warmly. The Principal of the school was away in a meeting with other School Principals in the area and the Education officers. After a cup of tea, the team was led to the big hall, which also serves as a chapel. The School Deputy Principal welcomed the KPUC team and introduced the staff. Prof. Dorcas Yole explained the purpose of the visit and introduced the team.

The presentations went on extremely well. The girls were busy taking notes. At the end of the presentation, they impressed the team by giving their already written down questions. This made it very easy to address many of the issues they had raised on science subjects and careers.

Lillian Bogonko, the NPL Senior Assistant Administrator challenged the girls to use the internet facilities in the school to enhance their notes. Prof. Dorcas Yole challenged the girls to take up careers which they wanted to pursue, not just what peers, relatives etc, wanted them to take.

Prof. Dorcas Yole read the message from the Principal, KPUC. She then presented the Scientific equipment. The Deputy Principal of the school asked the Teacher in charge of the Science subjects to speak. He said that he was so excited that they had received a microscope with a camera, and which could be connected to a computer. He said he would now be able to teach the students the way he had been taught at Kenyatta University! The meeting was closed by word of prayer from Prof. Dorcas Yole.

The School Deputy Principal invited the KPUC for late lunch and signing of the Visitors’ book. The Principal of the school joined the team over lunch, and was very grateful for the visit. When the KPUC team was leaving, they were given a sack of potatoes and cabbages, respectively, from the school farm to share! What a beautiful act!