Global and Community Engagements

KENYATTA HIGH, MWATATE – Thursday 19 - Friday 20 July 2012

The second visit was to Mwatate Boys’ High School, Mwatate, in Taita Taveta. It is a beautiful well-kept tidy school. The student population is over 800 boys.

The team from KPUC was composed of:

  • Prof. Dorcas Yole – Director, COP
  • Gladys Kingori – Mathematics& Physics presentation
  • Henry Muchura – Biology& Chemistry Presentation
  • Mwanza Kimei – Computer & Engineering courses
  • Joyce Asuke – Other Courses offered in KPUC
  • Juma Gakesho – Media coverage
  • Francisca Kinoti - Driver

When the Team arrived, Only Forms III and IV students were gathered in the hall for the presentation. Prof. Dorcas Yole requested that they be joined by Forms I and II students, as these are the ones who would benefit from the Science Demystifying talk, while the Forms III and the IV would benefit from the career talk. The Principal obliged. The hall was small but the students squeezed themselves through the doors and windows to hear. There was also the challenge of public address system, so the lecturers had to talk as loud as they could, but this did not deter the students from listening to the presentation. The Principal was introduced by the only one teacher, the Career master, who accompanied him. Initially the students were a bit unruly, but they calmed down when the meeting started. Prof. Dorcas Yole challenged the boys to take up their position as future leaders of homes and the nation, and not allow themselves to be destroyed by the vices which are destroying the boy child, e.g. drug abuse. She introduced the KPUC team, who did a commendable job, even without the public address system. The students had time to ask questions on science subjects and careers.

Prof. Dorcas Yole read the letter from the Principal KPUC to the school, and then presented the books. The boys who had been rather withdrawn got so excited and came forward to see the books, and peruse them! They were very grateful for the books and for the talk.

The Principal expressed his gratitude for the visit. The Team left at dusk, and spent the night at Voi town. They travelled back the following day, and arrived at KPUC about 6pm.