Global and Community Engagements

MUTHALE GIRLS – KITUI - Tuesday 17 July 2012

The first school to be visited was Muthale Girls in Kitui. This is a boarding school of over 800 girls, in a Semi-arid area.

The team from KPUC was composed of:

  • Prof. Dorcas Yole – Director, COP
  • Prof. Ogola – Director, Industry and Professional Partnerships
  • Esther Njue – Mathematics & Physics presentation
  • Benter Onyango – Biology& Chemistry Presentation
  • Sam Njue – Computer & Engineering courses
  • Grace Gatere – Other Courses offered in KPUC
  • Kevin Lukalo – Media coverage
  • Francisca Kinoti - Driver

The Principle and her Teachers received the Outreach team warmly. They had arranged to have the meeting in the open, but it was not possible to do a power point presentation outside. The venue was changed to their large Dining Hall. The Principal welcomed the KPUC team and introduced her staff. Prof. Dorcas Yole introduced the KPUC team. She also briefly explained the aim of the visit which was to demystify science subjects and encourage the young student to start embracing sciences as this will lead them to their dream careers. She challenged the Girls to work hard.

The presentations went on very well. There was a time of questions from the students which the lecturers responded to. Prof. Ogolla presented the Scientific books on behalf of the Principle, KPUC.

Muthale Girls Principal was extremely grateful for the Scientific books. She explained that at the beginning of the year, there was no money to purchase scientific books, because of other crucial urgent school demands on the budget. The students had been forced to share books. She had told the Teachers to pray and ask God for books. The teachers did not take her seriously. She said the Scientific books were an answer to prayers, and she would be willing to receive more. The Girls were so happy, they gave the team a special applause. The Presentation was closed by word of prayer by Prof. Dorcas Yole, around 5.30pm.

The Principal invited the KPUC staff for late Lunch and signing of the Visitors’ Book, after which the Team departed.